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Heck yeah! Learned that in 7th grade.

Listening isn't always about physics or sound waves. Active listening is about fact gathering while evaluating and projecting specific scenarios. In business, we can learn a lot through actively listening, and then using our experience, knowledge and relationships to craft just the right response. Sometimes, a simple "can't help you with that" is the right answer. That's how I work. I'm honest as the day is long.



Actually more like a team.

We're only as good as the company we keep. (Wow, how many metaphors is this guy going to use???) I pride myself on associating my professional career with only the top players, because when I engage with a client, they are counting on me to bring the "A Game" every day, and that means I need resources that perhaps they don't have access to.


Here's are the key professionals on our team:

  • Accounting
    With a background in accounting myself, I run with a very impressive group of partners to assist me in specific situations if it goes beyond my currrent bandwidth. I've sought out people with incredible pedigrees and experience at pricing any business can afford.
  • Marketing
    Marketing tends to be a mixed bag of tricks these days, fragmented into small areas of expertise. I've partnered with the most cutting-edge new agency, with true advertising veterans wielding decades of experience creating and implementing camapigns for some of the world's largest brands. I'm proud to be a partner of Ad Giants!
  • Human Resources
    Hiring and dealing with employees today in and of itself has become quite a challenge. Beyond that, dealing with internal challenges and the correct appropriation of talent also can be a complex and stressful situation. I have partners that are experts in dealing with, planning and solving "people issues."
  • Logistics
    Like "consulting," "Logistics" is a very broad term. It always comes back to processes. I'm very good at evaluating, streamlinging, understanding and helping implement new processes for all types of businesses.
  • Project Management
    These days, this obscure role has become a necessity for practically every type of business. Call it what you want, having an expert working for you to layout an achieveable goal, launch, or roll-out is key to the entire businesses success. I have rich experience in dealing with fulfilling this valuable role.
  • Technology
    From basic internal IT issues to complex, multi-facetted tech challenges, I have partners that can assist your business at every possible level or demand. And instead of this being seen as a "black hole where money goes to die," I bring you solutions that you can afford and that are effective!
  • Retail / eCommerce
    Whether it's online or in-store, retail business today has never been more competitive. Add to that supply chain challenges, and it can be very stressful. It always comes back to a process and streamlined approach with attainable goals.
  • Event Planning
    No, not a party. A corporate event at a trade show or destination. A situation where yiour brand is on the line for others to see and be attracted to. I have great success with my partners who have decades of experience doing just this!
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